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Grooming trails……The thankless job from Hell!!

‎If you ever have an opportunity to operate a snowmobile trail groomer and build a perfectly flat  snow trail from scratch. My advise to you is to RUN in the opposite direction as fast you can. Seriously if you are a snowmobiler and love groomed trails this has to be the most rewarding, and thankless… Read more »

Cumberland Snowmobile Club National Recreational Trail Program Funding

All interested club members are invited to meet MP Scott Armstrong Thursday morning at 11am and participate in this formal funding announcement.  See below. Also, the clubhouse will be open for gas and snacks Saturdays and Sundays from 9 – 5. Mr. Armstrong would like to make an announcement for the recent funding your Snowmobile Club received from… Read more »

Safety Notice for Cape Breton Snowmobilers

Safety Notice for Cape Breton Snowmobilers “Please be advised that caution is required when snowmobiling in the area around the McMillan Reservoir  on the Wreck Cove Hydro System.  The McMillan spillway alignment has changed  – manmade and natural hazards may be encountered when snowmobiling in this area.   Please watch for hazards and drive safely.” Thanks… Read more »