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The Price is the Price

When was the last time you as a consumer walked into a national big box store and said to the sales clerk  “whaddya gonna giv’s me if I buys dis ting from ya here today? Ya knows I gots cash right? OR ” hey buddy I see ya got this ting on for $25 each…. Read more »

A thank you from Lisa Johnson

Hi there Just wanted to thanks you all at the Mars Store.  We received the August Give-away package which included great items!!! Thanks for great service 🙂 Happy Fall Lisa Johnson

Weather Report from Slim Shambles

Hang to your hat grandma. Its going to be cold and snowy winter. Check out the latest predictions for winter 2017 from the Old Farmers Almanac. Get your storm chips and Chinese food people and don.t forget a trip to the M.A.R.S. Store to stock up on all your ATV, Snowblower, Snowmobile and Winter tire… Read more »

Thanks from Jason Tozer

Jason Tozer personally thanked our sales associate Shelly Scott for offering Peace of Mind with his purchase of his new Arctic Cat 700. Jason purchase our Peace of Mind Service Package. Jason just drops his bike off and leaves the keys. When we’re done he picks the bike up and he’s off. He said it… Read more »

Tourist alive and well according to Slim Shambles

Tourism is alive and well in Amherst N.S……I’m telling ya they are coming from all over and leaving their hard hard earned dollars right here in downtown Amherst. So for all you local “Chicken Little”the sky is falling folks” out there who think “nobody would come to Amherst they are just driving right on by”…. Read more »

Thank you from S. and S.

Not a problem at all.  S. and I are very very pleased with the service and your positive response to his queries when he emailed you from the beginning. He was so happy to receive a new one in the box so to speak.  He keeps his “toys” in immaculate condition.  He rides bicycles and… Read more »

Thanks from NS Metro Area

“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Shelly and the MARS store team. Great experience and great service. Due to some financial complications I was previously declined on a loan and the MARS sales team gave me expert advice on how to rebuild my credit. Now just 6 months later I have my new Arctic Cat 4 wheeler… Read more »

New ATV laws

As os July 1st there  are new ATV laws in place. Check out the information below.