M.A.R.S. Store Summer Hours

M.A.R.S store Summer hours……………………its that time of year of vacations, BBQ’s, summer fun and family get togethers !!! Plus its a little bit slower here at M.A.R.S. so we feel its a great opportunity to provide the M.A.R.S. Store team a little extra time off. So starting Saturday July 4 til after Labor Day Weekend the M.A.R.S. Store Service and Parts dept will be closed on Saturdays. The sales team at M.A.R.S. will be open by appointment. We will be open regular business hours during these special summer hrs MondayFriday 8 AM – 5 PM. We sincerely hope this doesn’t inconvenient our M.A.R.S. Store clients and we hope you understand our desire to give the M.A.R.S. Store team a little well deserved break. Enjoy your summer everyone. Stay safe, have fun and have a great summer!!!!

Message from the Sunny South

Hi Dana,
As the years go forward your service and caring for my mom’s automotive needs has been passed along to me by my mom and various family members and I thank you and your family for all you do.
Your honesty and commitment to doing the job right and taking such good care of your customers is something very rare in the automotive industry as I’m sure you’re aware.
Along with my father, your guidance in my early years in this business has provided me with the same moral standards that I have applied during the 30 plus years of either the repair side or management side of the business that has skinned either my knuckles or my brain in one way or another so I understand and appreciate the way you take care of her.
Thanks again Dana.
Dan Morouney

Shannon Holleman Gator with Tracks

Here are few nice words from Shannon Holleman how purchased a set of Tracks from us for his Gator:

“Hi Bob,

Received and installed tracks today, fits like a glove. This is the second set I have installed this year. Very nice kit. I have attached a couple of pictures of the diesel Gator they went on. And the cabbed in Gator is my friends that I also did the install, both kits from the MARS Store.”



rsz_img_20150312_203115 rsz_img_20150330_143620


Philip Franey 2015 Arctic Cat 7000 El Tigre


Here is an email sent to us from Philip Franey

” Good Morning Bob,
I would like to take a minute to say thank you for providing me what I consider,  one of best handling sleds I’ve ever driven. Sure has been a fun winter with this one. Corners perfectly with no darting on various groomed and off trail conditions. 129″ handles snow like a dream. Sno Pro suspension is unquestionably the right ride for me!! Thought I would send you a few shots of this Green Eyed Monster. Planned to do this before, however I ‘ve been on the seat every chance I get. She sure turns heads on the trails.

Thanks again for your courtesy,”
Philip Franey

Grooming trails……The thankless job from Hell!!

‎If you ever have an opportunity to operate a snowmobile trail groomer and build a perfectly flat  snow trail from scratch. My advise to you is to RUN in the opposite direction as fast you can. Seriously if you are a snowmobiler and love groomed trails this has to be the most rewarding, and thankless job you will ever take on as a volunteer in your snowmobile club. The problem is flat trails is EVERY snowmobiler’s dream. So when they are not flat everyone is pissed at you because even though you just spent the last 2 days busting your butt with repairs, deep snow or NO snow . In the grooming game Murphys law always applies. What can go wrong will go wrong. On them good days or nights when everything goes great with no breakdowns and the trails have never been better. You just got home after a 12 hour run in that GD groomer and some clown (sorry snowmobiler) has the berries to tell you that back on the trail 500 hundred miles from no where there is a bump on the trail that only this guy see’s. OR 2 days after a million sleds have used the trail it’s no longer flat. Like I said it’s a win win or  no win situation.
See what i mean everybody loves you til they don’t love you. So the next time you want to growl or bark at someone about the condition of your local snow trails remember there is some serious time effort  dedication and money that goes into grooming  trails. Here’s what I think. If you went sledding yesterday and trails were great and you went today and they are just ok. Doesn’t matter dude your still snowmobiling only a very few people get to enjoy winter and the great outdoors like you do. K, I’m outta here. Until next time have fun and enjoy!!!!
Slim Shamus Shambles


Cumberland Snowmobile Club National Recreational Trail Program Funding

All interested club members are invited to meet MP Scott Armstrong Thursday morning at 11am and participate in this formal funding announcement.  See below.

Also, the clubhouse will be open for gas and snacks Saturdays and Sundays from 9 – 5.

Mr. Armstrong would like to make an announcement for the recent funding your Snowmobile Club received from the National Recreational Trial Program.  We are wondering if it would be possible to do this on Thursday of this week (February 12th )at 11:00 a.m..  It would involve asking members of the club and your local Councillor to meet at the Clubhouse for the announcement and photos.


Slim Shamus Shambles “No such thing as TOO much snow”

Ok, if your a snowmobiler keep reading if not read on anyway. To much snow is not in our vocabularies. In fact, the more snow the better! The 3 worst words a snowmobiler can hear is “I hate snow” especially from what I like to call a winter hater. You know those people who want to go south all winter OR hate to shovel. ( Just a second I take that back nobody likes to shovel ) But you know who I mean. They are always the ones who look a snowmobiler right in the pie hole and say smiling ” some glad it rained last night ” Jes boy, all I can say is them people (winter haters) are some lucky there aint an all night suicide vest shop around the corner. Burns my arse, you never hear a snowmobiler say to a winter hater jes buddy to bad about that hurricane, sorry about your trailer down there in old people’s land! Nope, we just mind our own business and pray for snow. It’s Canada people, it’s gonna snow!
Anyway picture this. -10 with 12 inches of fresh powder ( that’s snow for all you winter haters) on a perfectly groomed trail and your at the camp and just woke up from an evening of hot wings and wobbly pops. Suns shining?…check. Sleds sparked up?…check. Gas?…check. Oil?…check. (for the non 4 stroker eh buddy) Trail map?….check. Sled buddies have all showed up? (except one there is always one guy your waiting for)…check. Wallet?…check. You always need your wallet when snowmobiling. I’m not trying to say snowmobiling is expensive but it cost more to going snowmobiling for 6-8 weeks a winter than it did to put man on the moon. (not kidding) Anyways, wallet?…check. Cell Phone?…check. That’s just in case your significant other calls and says your late for dinner with the in laws and your 159 miles and 4hrs away from home. Whoops, dont worry bud next July when the snow’s all gone they will have forgotten all about it. Cause you been working your arse off for the last 3 months doing them never end’in honey do lists just so you can go snowmobling in the dead of winter next year at -700. Snowmobilers…..we are a crazy bunch! Wouldn’t have it another way. Until next time folks, I’m outta here.
Slim Shamus Shambles

Safety Notice for Cape Breton Snowmobilers

Safety Notice for Cape Breton Snowmobilers

“Please be advised that caution is required when snowmobiling in the area around the McMillan Reservoir  on the Wreck Cove Hydro System.  The McMillan spillway alignment has changed  – manmade and natural hazards may be encountered when snowmobiling in this area.   Please watch for hazards and drive safely.”

Thanks for your help and have a good day!