Grooming trails……The thankless job from Hell!!

‎If you ever have an opportunity to operate a snowmobile trail groomer and build a perfectly flat  snow trail from scratch. My advise to you is to RUN in the opposite direction as fast you can. Seriously if you are a snowmobiler and love groomed trails this has to be the most rewarding, and thankless job you will ever take on as a volunteer in your snowmobile club. The problem is flat trails is EVERY snowmobiler’s dream. So when they are not flat everyone is pissed at you because even though you just spent the last 2 days busting your butt with repairs, deep snow or NO snow . In the grooming game Murphys law always applies. What can go wrong will go wrong. On them good days or nights when everything goes great with no breakdowns and the trails have never been better. You just got home after a 12 hour run in that GD groomer and some clown (sorry snowmobiler) has the berries to tell you that back on the trail 500 hundred miles from no where there is a bump on the trail that only this guy see’s. OR 2 days after a million sleds have used the trail it’s no longer flat. Like I said it’s a win win or  no win situation.
See what i mean everybody loves you til they don’t love you. So the next time you want to growl or bark at someone about the condition of your local snow trails remember there is some serious time effort  dedication and money that goes into grooming  trails. Here’s what I think. If you went sledding yesterday and trails were great and you went today and they are just ok. Doesn’t matter dude your still snowmobiling only a very few people get to enjoy winter and the great outdoors like you do. K, I’m outta here. Until next time have fun and enjoy!!!!
Slim Shamus Shambles


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