The Price is the Price

When was the last time you as a consumer walked into a national big box store and said to the sales clerk  “whaddya gonna giv’s me if I buys dis ting from ya here today? Ya knows I gots cash right? OR ” hey buddy I see ya got this ting on for $25 each. If I buys 3 I will give you 30$ for all three them. Never right? Nobody ever does that because they would be looked at by the 15 year they are talking to like you had 6 heads. But that same consumer will walk into a small local business who has no where near the margins to work with like the big store and ask the same questions with emphasis. Now I know not everybody does this and the vast majority of peeps will pay an honest price to an honest business person. But there are folks who would ask the small business owner for a discount even if they were giving it away. Jeez, just about drives ya to drinking at 8am on a Sunday morning, just about got me drove. Why do you think them big box places have 50 and 75 % off sales? It aint cause they are not making money. Its because they have huge/ global buying power and even at what is perceived as a great deal they are still making money. Holy jumped up merciful, and don’t get me started on them online fellas with no bricks and mortar in the local economy and dont pay taxes either…..freaking buggers!!

I say its time to give the little guys and break and pay what they feel as business owners, need to make a profit so they can pay their bills. Like electricity, telephone, water, employees, suppliers, taxes, training, tools, equipment, buildings and maintenance, advertising, bank charges, rent, workers compensation, vehicles repairs and credit card charges. Pay themselves and decent living and maybe just maybe there is enough left over to turn a profit so when little Johnny or Jill’s hockey coach comes into the store for a donation. He or she is able to help out and give back to their community that they love and want to stay in and raise their families in.   Small businesses have all this and more to contend with every day. So the next time you feel a discount is in order from a small business…..think again. We are all in this together people, Lets help to make small business and our local communities and local economies a better place to work and live…..that’s it for me folks, I’m outta here….Slim Shambbles out.

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