Tourist alive and well according to Slim Shambles

Tourism is alive and well in Amherst N.S……I’m telling ya they are coming from all over and leaving their hard hard earned dollars right here in downtown Amherst. So for all you local “Chicken Little”the sky is falling folks” out there who think “nobody would come to Amherst they are just driving right on by”. Got some news for ya.  Every week them folks at M.A.R.S. have got people traveling hours to come to Amherst and they are not just dropping $$ at M.A.R.S. They are eating here, over-nightin’ here, filling their gas tanks here and yes local shopping here. If that’s not tourism I don’t know what is.  So don’t give me your “nothing happens in this town ” OR “this place sucks”. Newsflash!!  Look around people!!!! And not your door yards dummies. You live in one of the best counties in the best province, in best country in the world. World hunger, terrorism, refugees, dictators. Geeze suck it up and smell the coffee. Maybe try and support a local business a bit more. Maybe volunteer, maybe write a positive “letter to the editor”, maybe say hi to a stranger. Maybe stop lippin’ off on Facebook. Maybe stop watching the News. Maybe just take a walk and breath the fresh air. Some people would give anything for the place. What would you do for this place? We’ll I’m outta here.
Slim Shambles
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