Slim’s 2016 Winter Predictions

‎Well folks, what will it be big snow or no snow for the winter of 2016? If  you listen to the climatologist they are predicting either a la Nino or an El Nina with lots of snow or not much snow. Maybe cold and maybe warm. Also a very good chance of rain and for sure some black or white ice. But there will be ice……I swear them people don’t know if the their arses are bored ,punched or chewed out by the mice. Now the old farmers almanac they are not much better cause if you live in Atlantic Canada it’s supposed to be the next apocalyptic, get out your long undies and pray ’cause we ain’t gonna make it kinda winter. Worse than last year. Snow snow snow and snow!!!!
 So who do you believe……neither I say. ‘Cause here at M.A.R.S. old Slim has got the answer. ‎According to the M.A.R.S. Store weather team it’s a bit of both. Fall will be normal and uneventful as far as weather goes. Nice weather and yes the leaves will change color and fall this year. As we move into December things will begin to change. Yep it’s going to get colder and guess what else???? That’s right Christmas. The big guy in the red suit is gunna come. Now listen up. Here’s where it gets good. Right after New Years the days will be quite short with  lots of darkness at night and lighter during the day. Once January gets going it will freeze up and begin to snow and snow and snow. You starting to get picture here??  It’s winter people it’s going to snow!! So get your shovels and plows and snowblowers ready. Get the tracks on the ATV and get your sled ready cause the winter of 2016 is going to be a barn burner for snow. Thank the official M.A.R.S. Store winter of 2016 predictions. Until next time folks….I’m outta here
  -Slim Shambles
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